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Community involvement makes good business sense: studies show that when companies start contributing to their communities, they reap the rewards in many ways. Giving back to your community is a reward in itself. But you're also likely to draw potential team members and customers with a like-minded community focus.

"More than 80 percent of company respondents report that community involvement contributes to improving ability to recruit employees and reduce turnover " source:

But it is also a great way for customers with similar values to join your cause and support your business.

You can also collaborate with other businesses. Many companies working together for a common cause. Find other companies that you can partner with that embrace community involvement.

Businesses that give back in ways that they're uniquely qualified to do so make an outsized impact on communities. It does not have to be financial contributions it can be skills (services) / or some of your services.

Find a cause you feel passionate about and get your small business involved!


Episode 59: In this special episode, host Tarek Mrad is joined by Ariane Eva Morin, Director at CCJM Consulting Ltd and founder and chair at The Gaia Network and Foundation Wellbeing Trust.


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A great interview to watch if you are an aspiring startup entrepreneur or simply want to discover some of the work and projects we have worked on.


‘Hey everyone across the nation and beyond! My name is Tarek Mrad, in the last 1 year I've been running a project called 'Tarek's Big Local Community Podcast' a place for members of our community and also people around the world wanting to share their experiences of community work, the lockdown and personal stories to inspire and motivate or simply make you laugh.

I have a disability myself however won't allow my disability to stop me trying to make a difference in society and I would like to encourage anyone with a disability to get involved with our community podcast, I would love to hear from you wherever you are in the world.

I am interested in hearing from you if you have been involved with volunteering, supporting your community or being involved with a campaign to better our society. . Thank you so much.’ Tarek


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Ariane Eva Morin

Director, Founder and Business Development Expert


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